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  • by Christopher Poisson

I installed this system myself as the manual told me. Never used similar product before, so I can't compare it with other products, but to myself, it is a good but not perfect attachment. Audio and video is great (and it can sync with my iPod). Most important GPS navigation system works normally. My complaining point is the USB interface, not perfect connection for every device. In general, it is a great but not perfect product.

  • by Brendan Juno

Hi everyone. I just purchased this unit and the only problem I'm having is when I choose other options menu on the settings it's asks for a code. I don't have this code. Does anyone else have this problem or have a factory setting code. Thanks.

  • Replied by Autodvdgps.com service:Hello, you can try the code: 7758521 or 888888. Hope you can solve the problems soon. Best regards!

  • by speckery

hi again
i forgot to add that autodvdgps support and custron support are very professional and reactive
i m just waiting for a nex OS version which will correct the problem of the first music of the playlist which starts automaticaly when you power on the unit.

  • Replied by Brendan:Just wondering if this unit fits straight into 2012 sportage sl. Same wiring as well? Thanks a lot.

  • by speckery

Good concept in general but not finished; sound is good; GPS IGO is fantastic; but there are some lacks:
- music starts "automaticaly" and "always at the beguining of the list", it doesnt start at the last music you were listening: very very very very boring!
- no possibility to create playlists.
- music folders are not classified in alphaetical order. i dont understand how it is classified.
- videos (avi) are not in a very good quality and it lags sometimes.
- there is not enought brightness and contrast, so in journey it is hard to well see what is on the screen. however during the night it is perfect.
- in the fm tuner: the stored stations are not by name but by frequency which is not very convenient.
- you should add the possibility to store the station that we want and not all the stations that AP.S'find
now i hope dev team will work on a new OS. i coss my fingers for an update soon.

  • by Christopher

I firstly bought this item together with the camera QL-CSPT11. The DVD itself works pretty good, and i feel very happy. But when i connected the camera with this item, it appeared black and white picture on the DVD screen. Then i consulted the customer service, later they told me that this camera is not compatible with this DVD player. Finally i took the QL-CSPT10 camera as a replacement, and it worked well with the DVD. So when you want to buy a camera for this DVD, choose QL-CSPT10.
Here i must say that I am very satisfied with its service!

  • by Giulio

Specially beautiful item with a big HD screen, and has a lot of features. it works well with my iPod and iPhone, but pairing is a little slow.

  • by Ramiro

Installed this DVD unit in my 2010 Kia Sportage, and it has been working great. Bluetooth sync works well to my phone, the phone sound quality in the car is great and people can hear me clearly. Touchscreen response is very fast. Just as it is advertised, it does a multifunctional unit!

  • by Julio

Very good screen,clear image and easy to be used. here i must say that it looks really very nice.
for this item, the price is not a lot expensive.
Good brand.

  • by Carolina

The screen is nice, the radio, BT and navigation system are OK. With it, you will have a lot of things to do while driving. The SD and USB for storing and listening to music, works real well. The only drawback is that mic system for voice input does not work well.

  • by Hedy

Bought it after reading all the reviews and introduction, the DVD player itself is very good, also has a decent price. good purchase!

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