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  • by Marwan Qubain

TPMS system has 4 sensor which you confirm that the sensor have a battery with 1 to 2 years life time, after that can the battery replaced or what we need to replace the sensor, and if we have to replace the battery can you explane how, and if we have to replace the sensor can we place order for a single sensor or we have to place a new order for the whole system.

  • Replied by Autodvdgps.com service:Dear Marwan, thanks for supporting our products first. If you want to change the sensor, please contact our technician, the email is after-sales@autodvdgps.com. Or you can directly send emails to service@autodvdgps.com. We will guide you to solve the problems. Best regards!

  • by Manuel

1. First I would like to comment on their great services, fast, courteous and professional. Thank you very much!
2. Overall, nothing special could be noted of this unit. It has all the usual features like blue tooth, GPS, Radio, iPod control, USB port and so on.
3. Sound and image quality are great, it is a good platform for audio and video playing.
The only drawback is that it stars up a little slowly

  • by Duccio

After trying to test this product in every way that I could, I ended up not being able to find ANYTHING wrong with it. It responds pretty fast, and is a smooth operation that can be used while driving.
It can be easily connected with my Android phone and iPod, and can directly control the iPod on it.
very happy with the product as well as Custron.

  • by naveed

thnks very much good compnay to deal with

  • by Jay

At first, i bought this item just because it is cheaper. But now it has been one year, it is still working well without repairs. It's really a worthwhile item. Not long ago i suggested my friend to here to buy the DVD GPS, because we trust the website!

  • by Belloc

This one is good. I got it a few months ago, and recommended it to my friends.

  • by Kristian

For $500 you can't beat it, it has more options on it which you can tune to your liking. Not to mention it is also a navigation. Amazing !!!

  • by Stella

Grazi for mkanig it nice and EZ.

  • by Douglas

Very sincere and concerned about what was best for me. Thank you!

  • by Zvonimir

It definitely save me a lot of money. And a free camera is coming along the player. GOOD! However a day is required for me to learn to get the basic functions on.

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