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  • by apostolos

Overall I am pleased
The radio was expecting much better,
dystichos but has good reception

  • by Ivan

This unit works flawlessly. Runs a lot smoother and is more responsive than my old radio. it has all the features of a 2 din DVD player. menu icon is easy to use. But i received it two days late than appointed time.

  • by Julia

Awesome product i love it and i installed it myself. Bluetooth goes great and pairs well with my phone. You can customize this DVD player by your own needs by changing te sound, logo, language and so on . The layout of the menu is very nice and screen is clear. Overall a good item.

  • by Johann

Awesome DVD Player with lots of potential for capabilities, looks very nice in the dash. really a good companion for us in the trip. Beautiful screen. Give 4 stars because of the slight scratches on the front panel.

  • by Leah

I rate it 4 stars because of the fact that it's slow on the iPod when i search for songs through the stereo, that's the only reason other then that it would be a 5 stars.

  • by Roisa

Everything so far has been great! The picture is excellent, and the audio sounds great as well. So far I have only tested it on my DVDs and CDs, but it has worked flawlessly.

I am extremely happy, and cannot be more thankful for such a great deal. I have yet to update the map software, but may do so in a few days if needed. Many thanks to this site. This is one of my first review so I will definitely update it soon with more detailed information. I mainly just wanted to share my experience so far :)

  • by Tony

With the A2DP handsfree bluetooth, i can make a call with my friends safely while driving; With the A2DP streaming music, i can listen to some music when i feel bored and tired. It's really a useful item. Thanks!

  • by Mandy

Great product!
It is much cheaper and good quality .
it is the first time i bought things online, it is a good experience except that the delay shipping.

  • by Gouch

The screen plenty bright and has good color rendition. Movies/video podcasts look great. The touchscreen is surprisingly responsive, it's not multi-touch, but you can drag/scroll through the lists and is capacitive touch so it's finger friendly. iPhone/iPod integration is top notch and very snappy responding. The menu structure mimics the iPod app's and is intuitive/easy to navigate. . Sound quality is also top-notch. I replaced all my speakers too, but it made even the OEM paper speakers sound good. Plenty of background options.

  • by Hans

This unit has everything you would expect from a $500-600 unit. Even it also has built-in navi, aux-ins. The bluetooth works with the iphone perfectly and feels like a factory installed option. Very good!

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