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  • by David Madill

The player was a great price, was delivered on time and in great condition. And it also comes with a SD card stored e-map, which would have been nice since we begin to have our holiday. The screen gives a good movie pictures, and my sister LOVES all the cool features that the player has.

  • by Mello Horsen

package came right on time and was exactly what was promised! VERY happy! i'll be shopping with them again for sure! great product :)

  • by Handley

I was excited to get it because it's ready to go within about an hour after installing it on, the speed of discs loading is quick. We ordered the player just before a trip to kill time on the road. And it is have another help for me to find shortest way during the driving. I'm glad I purchased on autodvdgps.com.

  • by Bayoon

This is a great player for the price. I was looking for a camera for driving enjoyment. This player is ready to use and offers plenty of features and functions for me to view great movies and listen to my favorite music. The pictures are crisp and clear. One feature that I like a lot is that I can navigate while watch DVDs. The camera automatically record audio discs and I can choose them from the player directly. I am very pleased with this player!

  • by Ennes

I took advantage of a Qualir offer to buy this model. It was delivered in record time and I am enjoying it. It is easy to handle, a menu that leads you to where you want to get with no complications. And its video images have a very good definition. My idea was to replace my old radio with a digital A/V PLAYER and Gps function need to be included. I've taken it all over with good results.

  • by Quic

The dvd players work well so far. I used them on a 10 hour drive. The only thing I don't like is that the disk slot is hard to open, but you can do it if you try hard enough.

  • by Wingle

I have been looking at a lot of similar products out her and there, and for the money this is by far the best product. Most dual DVD player do not offer built-in GPS and Memory stick option, very COOL.

  • by Floria

As good as follows:
1. In-Built Bluetooth works fine and plays music directly from Iphone without having to connect any wires to it. No hissing nor static noise in the back ground. Audio from Bluetooth is crystal clear.
2. Rear view camera(bought a 40 USD camera and hooked it up by myself), DVD player, FM, all works as advertised.
3. Cheaper when compared to my older DVD with Blue tooth which comes to atleast 550 USD.(with the steering wheel interface)
4.Prompt customer support via email when you register in their website.

  • by Bell

everything is great, brand new, still in package and plastic. looks great, sounds great, even plays my dvd i bought while i was in iraq. the only down fall is, it won't let me change the bass and treble.

  • by Kenny

Excellent deck for the cost however make sure you connect all of the wires or you will not be able to use the video part and the screen becomes useless.

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