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  • by Franklin

Replaced my old camera with this one having the same size. This camera have a 'good' but not the best image on my screen. It's an excellent budget choice.

  • by JettaSK5

Not a direct fit for Jetta YOM2010. The holes for license light screws match, but the body of this camera module is too large. The original VW licence light holder, including its metal casing needs to be modified. Even so, the camera module cannot be installed flushed. Better get a professional installer familiar with VW cars, confident enough to do the mod and rewiring, and careful enough not to damage the boot release wiring that's molded into the VW casing..

This is a fixed angle design, only very little adjustment possible within the play between holes and screws. It MUST be installed on the driver's (RHS, facing front) side licence light, otherwise the image will not align with the car. The instructions that came with the package is silent on this. I had to ask my installer help re-install (needs another round of mod, including finding a way to reinstate the original passenger side light that had to be removed)

Once installed, it works well enough to do the job. Even at night, with just ,the car's single reverse light, the camera picks up the scene clearly. It provides a 3-zone distance line assist, alignment accuracy depending on the camera's final installed position. The wide angle lens distorts the image somewhat at the edges but the important area directly behind the car is OK.

The module comes with a LED light but didn't cause any error code. It will look nicer to change the other license bulb also to LED to match.

Installation was a pain, but expect no problem nowat least for awhile since there's no moving parts.. It should last the lifetime of the car.


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