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  • by Nimesh Amendue

Purchase this unit for my own use as I had a terrible accident during the reverse. It is a essential for the driving. Since I hook up this item, I feel much better for the reverse and It dose a good job for display clear scope picture. I think My ratio of backup crash will rock to bottom.

  • by Amini Nielsan

I have a navigation system which have a input for the backup camera. I do much research and choose this one. Finally, it really repay me much more than my expectation. A good rear view displays on my front head unit. I like it very much. Would come here again for other auto kits.

  • by Igor Durani

I have an OEM camera before. Terrible picture effect. So I have no choice but change a new one. This one works huge better than my old one. I did not expect anything other than the clear picture. This new unit have a good performance in this aspect. So I have no any doubt to range five stars for it.

  • by Genden Luxue

Great value for the money. Lens appear to work great!
Just used for two months, hard to say about the reliability, but for the price, my standards are not set too terribly high. The installation is a breeze as the plug-and-play interface.
The only downside is that the wires are very thin, but again, this is not an expensive camera! Won't be too much of a loss if the camera is stolen.

  • by Cammii Cucce

I bought it not long time ago. So far, no any issue. And the full picture is as clear as much. I just want to remind the rest buyer that it is necessary to run and hide the video cable from the camera mounted on the trunk lid. And make clear the lines.

  • by Jean

I like this mini one, which takes little place and offer good WVA. Really a good choice.

  • by Essa

Fast shipping and easy to install. It comes with a lamp. So the picture quality is not so bad at night. Highly recommended!


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