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  • by Ralph Campbell

The delivery was quick, no damage. Installation was easy for my Toyota Camry. There is a 30 second start up, and an additional 30 second for the GPS to load. Everything works fine.

  • by Malcolm Maldonado

Installation doesn't cost too much of time. It is a great product but not perfect in some details.

Size and color fits well.
Touch screen is fast.
Great video and audio effect.
Basic functions of GPS and radio run well.

Flaw: GPS map loading is slightly slow.

  • by Laura Lancon

I was wondering whether I should purchase this navigation system for my Camry. But finally I made the decision. Now I have used it for 12 days and it meets my expectation.

1, I asked help from others to install it and he accomplished the work in one hour.
2, Touchscreen works smart and image is very clear
3, Perfectly sync with iPod and great sound effect
4, Durable product quality
5, Bluetooth sync is not well at every time.

  • by Nathanael

after some reviews good and bad i was a little skeptical on buying the unit. But since i know even if you have the best unit outthere there would still be some negative people i bought it. This system surpass my expectation, gps is ok but you can add any other map. Bluetooth works perfect, the colors are great for the price, even thought i have not try the dvd, the baccklight can be turn on and off. the raido itself can record up to 7 hours of song in a file.Sound is great again i was impress. this unit overall is perfect, dont listen to bad reviews, trust me you will love it.

  • by Parre Laker

I had a dvd headunit in my van that was terrible and would not play if the temp got in the 40's, this unit plays at any temp and
into the negative temps with no problems. This headunit also runs a RDS with no problems. So I can received public traffic information. You can hook a flash drive with music on it and use the touch screen to navigate. The built in GPS is so powerful, I just buy a IGO map, which I bought at website as well, not expensive. They are works smoothly. And the usb reader can read as much as 16GB, so I do not have to spend any time editing the music to what I wanted most. All of them can be carried along. It also has a remote control, so I do not need to spend another buck to buy one. Of course you don't really need a remote using the touch screen, but it is more conveinent to run dvd's on it if you have a remote. This headunit will stay open if you want, unlike most.
If you are looking for a great running, no problem dvd headunit, this is the one. I own 2 and have never had a problem with either. Continuing 2 yrs on the first and a few months on the second.

  • by Jojo

I am so happy to get my head unit. It is good price and I do not have enough time to test all the functions. So far, GPS and bluetooth is commely used by me. Easy operation and quick response. Thank you so much!

  • by Adam

Sound quality isnt amazing but its pretty good ... Bluetooth would not conect at first but it also works flawlessly now. The sound varys from dvd to radio. Its a bit lower on dvds and cds. Very noticable I installed it myself, Typical radio install, took some wiggling to get it in my 10 Camry. The built-in Gps is powerful on my long trip. I am very pleased with it. Thank you!

  • by Jamar

Everything works, minor flaws, the only glitch so far is, when I activate my back up camera, about 1 time in 10 the unit doesn't pick up the signal and automatically switch on. This is fixed by power off then on again.
Plenty of pre outs and inputs. Really good sound. Like I said, overall worth the money. Qualir real good cust. service, fast shipping.

  • Replied by Autodvdgps.com service:Dear Justin, Welcome to our site. If you want to know whether this item can fit your car, you can compare your original car radio size with our player, generally, if the size is the same, that will be ok. Or if you can not make sure this, you can show us some pictures about your original car dashboard so that our technician can help to confirm for you. Best regards!
  • Replied by Justin:Hello, I'm interested in purchasing this untit I seen in the info that This Car Multimedia system fits Toyota 2007-2011 Camry & Aurion (in Australia)will this unit work for US versions of the 07 camry also?

  • by Elijah

I will recommend it because of the low price and it does everything that is says.

pros, cheap, nice looking, many aplications (camera, SD, DVD, Bluetooth) the most I liked is the ability to connect my cellular to play music with no wires.

  • by Chelnokov

Satisfied with this item very much. Unbeatable price I searched on the net. And all the functions are as good as described. :))) my new car life are on the go. Thanks!

  • Replied by Alexandr:Привет. Аппарат руссифицирован?

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