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  • by Marion Owens

Nice product but a 5 stars one. I was doubt about the reviews when I purchased it. It is just like the description. The operation interface is just like the image, which is also the part I don't satisfy. Other functions are working well since I installed August 11.

  • by Michael

This unit is very well made and does everything it's supposed to. BUT. If you have Platinum version of the Sportage, it has a digital signal to the amplifier that this unit does not output to. You need a special adapter and in Australia that was $600.

  • Replied by Autodvdgps.com service:Dear Michael,the unit QL-SPT774 can't be used in Kia Sportage 2011 Platinum AWD and 2.4L petrol which comes with original Amplifier. We have displayed the information on our website. Please note this point. Best regards!

  • by João Gomes

This device comes with reverse camera??
how much and how many days to deliver in Brazil?
I'll be in Orlando between days 28/12 to 9 / 1 would be easier to deliver in Orlando? would have some freight cost for delivery in canada 7400 Lexington hotel / orlando florida

  • by Adogman

The best automotive stereo/navigation system I've ever purchased! The speed of the internal processor beats the competitors hands-down. The features this unit has are amazing, and the hands-free device works excellent. Value for money!

  • by Taylor

Delivered on time, although there were a few installation issues. The main issue was the screws that were given with the mounting kit weren't long enough to screw the receiver onto it. However, overall it went fairly smooth. The sound quality is very clear and much louder than my stock head unit. It also has many cool features, although my mp3 player won't register with the USB. And the built-in GPS help me very much.
Overall it's a wonderful product for its price. I'm very glad I purchased it.

  • by Rochard

This unit works well and lives up to what I expected. It was a great price especially when compared with the local store.

Installation was straight forward. I enjoy the video quality from DVDs, and the built-in GPS. The sound is great even on factory speakers. And the bluetooth is work so well my iPhone. I can initial calls directly through the main unit. And speak by the car stereo. Very safe and convenient. Would highly recommend to you. The price and performance are No.1

  • by Bryce

It is good. I got it a few months ago, so far it works great.

  • by Sharp

My husband and I purchased these before a trip with our kid. Our baby watched it for a good portion of the drive, and the unit worked wonderfully! It comes with built-in gps, very convenient to do road navi. My son was able to work the remotes for the player. We love it so much! I would recommend them to anyone with kid!

  • by Whyet

I’m happy with car dvd gps player. i give this good system 5 stars. best recommanded.

  • by Bennett

I purchased this system for my car. it could help me to get out of the unfamiliar area.

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