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More Third Party Comments about this item:

  • by Kash

I bhought this player for my Avensis 2003 i it is perfect, this player has everything u need, 5 star to this player

  • by Jim

I got this item half a year ago, and now it's working well. I most like the 6.2" 800*480 Digital High Definition TFT LCD touchscreen, which is very clear. Today i come here for another item, because the website is really good.

  • by Toller

Once got it out from the package, I know that what I am looking for. Solid structure make it more luxury than other ordinary ones. In my country, it prohibit to watch DVD player while driving. However, who cares. I found a setup, just lock the braking detect. So all is right done. I think this unit will not fail to make you face and pocket happy. Highly recommend!

  • Replied by Bogdan:sound buttons are working?

  • by Alex Smit

Got this as a gift to my friend. She is crazy about it now. Her car has become our theater. The clear screen picture and Sound effect make the films powerful. And We like the PIP function, it allows two menu windown show together. So we can catch all the outlet. I guess I'll buy one for myself. Cheap and high quality. I like this website.

  • by Summer

Good Service!Reasonable price!High efficiency!
I am very pleased that i have bought the car DVD player here.The item is much better than i excepted.It is easy to set up,now it is working well.The sound and picture are great.
I think i will came here again.After all,the item is really really good

  • by Vegie

So glad to find a car DVD player with a remote. This item is excellent when we are traveling, no more cranky toddler. :) Nice pictur and souds. And the built-in bluetooth is amazing. I can watch on the front road and answer the call through the DVD player. The only thing that kept me from giving 5 stars is that it delays two days.

  • by Justice

The colors are amazing on this little screen. So far they are perfect. Like that I can listen to music and sync it to do navi. If anything major goes wrong I'll update this review.

  • by Bunyan

Easy to install everything works great, it has all your feature preinstalled ,on other type models you have to buy other items, nav, bluetooth seperately.. very happy with it.

  • by cyoa

I really enjoy this QL-AVS788. it is worthy to purchase. I brought it to a nearby shop to have it professionally installed. And it works well.

  • by Jimena Bond

This is perfect that it comes with the install dash kit and special wire harness. I installed it easily and perfectly. Thanks.


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