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  • by Tim Malom

Great radio only a few questions with it that are not answered in manual. One the can bus did a auto config when first turned on but shortly after lost all codes and now cannot get them back. Two on the audio set up screen with bass and what not what is the sub button do? Kinda frustrating you can set the time to 12 he in GPS but not regular unit one is only 24 hr. one last thing I noticed was the volume controls are are way louder than stock radio. New deck is at 10 seems to be equal to 40 on old deck. Has anyone else come acrossed these that would be able to steer me in right direction lol. Oh with the brightness of src screen there is the dimmer button, is there away to get the unit to dim when the car lights are engaged? But yes great unit and will recomend to friends.

  • Replied by Dy:Is this compatible with Bose system?

  • by Brian Toledo

Great product very fast shipping. works excellent is very touch sensitive compared to other models i have seen. only problem for me is it has only the 24 hour clock and shows the speed in kilometers. but other than that it is perfect.

  • Replied by Timbo:Did u get the speed figured out?

  • by Matt

Very nice unit, but some really annoying issues have cropped up that I thought I'd share:

1) No CD-TEXT support! This blows me away, as it seems to have every other feature one could want.
2) No Shuffle feature when using USB, SDCard, MP3CD, etc.!! This is probably the most frustrating issue with this unit. When you have a 32GB card stuffed full of music and are forced to listen to it album by album, it's just unacceptable.
3) No steering wheel controls for bluetooth audio.
4) Installed in 2012 Mazda 3 - there is a large important looking cable that is not connected at all (it was connected to the original stereo). There is no mention of this cable in the manual, so not sure if this is new for 2012 or is just not used. I do notice that the MID integration doesn't work other than the right side HID saying "Track 1", "Bluetooth", etc. The left side (larger) MID just says "No Audio" when you select the audio information screen. Also, the right side steering wheel controls don't work, so the steering wheel controls are mainly only good for volume, track, etc. and have the issues that others have pointed out in other reviews. Let me know if I am missing something here.
4) iGo GPS software is old, but going to try an updated copy I downloaded from the Internet - hoping it will work.

Other than these frustrating issues, it is overall a very good unit and fits like a glove in the Mazda. Just wish there was better steering wheel & MID integration and Shuffle availability.

  • Replied by David Luevanos:pretty much all the stuff you metion is the same issue my mazda 3 2010 has thank you for posting this, i been trying to figure out how find a way to work my steering control, maybe an extra connection must be added because there is a plug left completely alone that is directed to the left hand side controls of Bluetooth and audio, also the AUX was cancel. all in all the rest is pretty good.

  • by Hideaki Miyoshi

Does this fit to 2012 model?

  • Replied by Autodvdgps.com service:Dear Hideaki, Welcome to our website, If you want to know whehter this item can be used on your car, you can compare your original car radio size with this player, generally, if the size is the same, that will be ok. Here is the dimension: http://www.autodvdgps.com/images/MAZDA3_NAVI_DVD_MZD723s_03.jpg Hope these will help you. Best regards!
  • Replied by Matt:This does fit the 2012 Mazda. I have it installed in mine. There is a large, important looking cable, however that does not plug into this unit. It is not mentioned in the instructions or in the reviews below so not sure if this is new for 2012 models. Read my review for more info.

  • by Dave

Great product. Installed without any issues and looks awesome in the car. Great service too..

  • Replied by Autodvdgps.com service:Dear Marco, Welcome to our website. You can find that there is a USB port at the backside of this player. Best regards!
  • Replied by marco:where do you connect the usb for listnen music from that source?? help me plese

  • by Martin Romero

I've had my GPS for about a month now and every time I use the GPS a sign that says safe driveing comes on is there any way to remove this?

  • Replied by Autodvdgps.com service:Dear Martin, Really sorry for the inconvenience. For this problem, you just need to turn off the braking detect under the setting menu. Our after-sales colleague will send you the detailed pictures about the setting process to your email. You can have a check. Best regards!

  • by Eric

The delivery was fast and i am generally happy with the player, the sound is almost the same as the stock set. and it have many great function. Build quality is good and installation is easy, fits the car dash nicely.

But there is a small inconvenient that i want to highlight. The Next/Previous-controller of the steering wheel remote control is assigned to CH+/CH-. In MP3 (USB, SD or whatever) player mode, it works great and change to the next or last file. But in the Radio mode, it WILL NOT CHANGE to next preseted radio station, but change the frequency up or down on the radio station. If you have any solution, please tell me. Overall, it is GREAT. thanks

  • Replied by Autodvdgps.com service:Dear Eric, Glad to know that you like our items. For the operation, I will ask our technician to send an email to you about the details. Best Regards!

  • by David

i just bough QL-MZD723, i like most of the stuff, but what i really dislike is the fact that the stereo dvd, gps player, does not support the controls that come from the steering wheel,i wonder if there is another connection that can be added to the product that could allow to use the buttons in the steering wheel?? if i can get some feed back i will apreciate !!

  • Replied by Autodvdgps.com service:Dear David, Welcome to our site. Glad to know that you like this item. For the steering wheel function, have you checked whether your original car has can-bus? Our item QL-MZD has can-bus box, so if your original car has it too, the steering wheel control function can be used. I will also ask our after-sales service colleague to give you a reply. Best regards!

  • by blablasaki

This unit is really easy to install. The build quality is not bad. It fits almost perfectly. The sound is almost as good as the original Mazda unit. I like the BT function, it works fine with my Android phone.

But it is not user-friendly enough. The next/previous buttons of steering wheel remote control are assigned to CH+ and CH- of the Radio. There is no way to change the presetted radio station directly with the RC. And it's quite complicated, if you want to change the folder of the mp3. You have to scroll to the top of the list. And the navigation pauses at every single announcement.

But after all, I'm fine with this unit.

  • by Chris

What do I habe to say..... PERFECT!!!!

Easy to install, absolute Plug 'n' Play for Mazda 3 and ist Works Great.

The Service was very Good, thanks for that. And the delivery so quick, asume! They bring it to DHL on a Friday afternoon. Next Monday Morning at 8.30, a Postman came to my door for delivery. And I live in Germany over 10.000 km away. Unbelivable.

Thanks for all

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