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  • by Deborah Eppel

My car is 2007-E53 and this product works perfectly with it. Today is the eighth day of using and I have driven about 100 miles. GPS navigation and radio run normally. Sound and image effect is great. Honestly speaking, it worth 5 stars for me except the slow customer service. I contacted with they at Saturday but responded at Monday.

  • by Mihail Nikolov

Great navigation system, here is a video how to install it.

  • Replied by bryan:I am trying to get the cd changer to work. It seems to be working fine but no sound

  • by Bruno

it is the product i am looking for, the price is a little lower than i expected. it is easy to install and now works well, its multifunction makes my driving more interesting and relaxing. Thank u!

  • by NIKOS

The order confirmation and tracking information were sent very quickly. The order was received in good shape and on time. Also the extra care taken in the packing to protect the product was great. This was my first Qualir order but it won't be my last.

  • by Johan

This store is a buyers' dream. They had the item in stock and the price was the lowest I could find on the internet. The only negative is they screwed-up my address and UPS had a helluva time finding me. Would I buy from them again? Absolutely, without hesitation.

  • by Cola

The screen is so big that the image quality is very good.Like it, thank u!

  • by jacob

this product is hard to work with US e39 model, because most of them have DSP, it does nto work with DSP models. GPS software has too much bugs and it has very poor map database, so many addresses that are not in the database. i don't mean new addresses, I have addresses that are more than 10 years old and could nto find. The unit looks really good, but does not function well. Bluetooth phone has no function other than diale from the pad.

  • by Gerard Koning

the shipping is very fast. and I like the compact and concise front designing. The color is classic Black .


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