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More Third Party Comments about this item:

  • by Madgie

Top product , fast shipping and well packed. It is installed in my car very easily and works well. If you are looking for a car dvd player for you BMW, maybe the product is a better choice! Besides, the price is also reasonable.

  • by Fritch

I installed this unit in my BMW. It fit perfectly and installed with no problems. I recommend you purchase an antenna extension and a wire harness designed for your vehicle. I have installed numerous head units over the years and this one was as simple as any other brand or style I have dealt with. All in all the set up and installation took about 40 minutes. The owners and installation manual lack a detailed sketch of what each colored wire goes to but if you purchase a wire harness adapter for your vehicle the color codes are universal and you simple match color to color and stripe to stripe. With the proper hardware this unit is very simple to install, even for someone with no experience so don't waste your money on having a shop install it. Just do the research ahead of time to see how to disassemble your dash, remove the old radio, and what installation kit you need for your vehicle.

  • Replied by Jeffrey Martin:just purchased a 2011 328i, and the dealer's service person said that I wouldn't be able to add anything to the car that wasn't put in at factory. Is there enough room to mount this Nav/DVD unit indash????

  • by Peggy

Without writing too many words i'd have to say i love this unit in my car, I drive a BMW 3, 2006. I believe I made the excellent choice of buying this one. So far everything about it is great, does all it says and installation was 30mins tops. improved sound system for real and love playing movies while driving. the only thing is that i can't watch the videos in my iPod when i connect it to this unit. you need to use an extra cable for that to work. and yes my iPod is compactable with the unit and i have my iPod set to allow an external video output. All-in-all i love this unit and u sure will.

  • by Megan

Customed designed for my BMW. Classic!

  • by Glen Mirme

Great Seller! Shipping is good. Dvd is good.

  • by Allem

I like the style and all the entertainment functions are included. Some addtional function seem be nice, too.

  • by Sysis

Like the 2-zone function, it is so nice for my wife enjoy the film while I look into navigation information.

  • by Elisa Corsoreli

This one is matched to my BMW3.The dvd pic is clear and soft. And the sound is also very good. Highly recommended!

  • by Radeljak Sedars

It took me some time to get acquainted with the settings. The steps are little complicated. Anyway, the item is very good.

  • by Wallis bruce

This is a powerful car dvd player. It looks beautiful. But I do not think I will install it by myself, since I do not have the tools. I will take it to the 4S service.


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