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  • 8 Inch Koolertron Digital HD Touchscreen DVD GPS Navigation System with iPod BT Control for 7th 2003-07 Honda Accord
  • Original Price: US$ 499.99
  • Your Price: US$ 499.99
  • Save: US$ 174.00

8 Inch Koolertron Digital HD Touchscreen DVD GPS Navigation System with iPod BT Control for 7th 2003-07 Honda Accord Reviews

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More Third Party Comments about this item:

  • by Jomahl

Very pleased with this unit thus far. It has been installed in my 2007 Honda Accord for about one week and I love it! Movies sound great with my upgraded speakers and amp! I almost installed a subwoofer/amp, but it was not neeeded! What I have now is perfect! I also enjoy the bluetooth, ipod connection, and steering wheel control. The bluetooth is OK, but I am not overly impressed with the sound quality and most people say I sound far away. Overall, I am happy with my purchase and would recommend this unit to anyone.

  • Replied by etienne:Does it have sub output.. If so which were the wires for it.. I just bought one of these.

  • by Peter KL

Happy with the receiver. The biggest drawbacks include a display that is not nearly bright enough to see well on a sunny day. Despite attempts at adjusting the brightness and contrast the unit remains weak in this regard.
Other than that it is a solid performer 3 weeks into install.

  • by Domino

I just installed this unit into my 2007 Honda Accord!!!! So far i have had no problems with it at all... The bluetooth addition to it is great the mic is clear. When u receive a call you can answer it on the main unit and u can have a conversation hands free while still driving. the quality of the screen is also great (looks great at night) Cant beat it!! Thanks!

  • by HONTA

very nice screen touch part is a little tricky and there is only 3 sub output but very nice for the money

  • Replied by Radio:How loud does the 3 sub output

  • by Dana

After installing this in-dash I am more than pleased with it's performance! It would have gotten 5 star's but navigation is a bit complicated. Once you figure it out then it's no problem, The screen looks amazing and it really surprised me how easy it installed. I

  • by accord

i bought same product and bluetooth sucks its very staticy

  • by Cocal

Perfectly matched and all the functions are tested Ok. Would come to leave more information of my use experience. You r a good seller. Thanks!

  • by Bobby

Got it at last. Custom stuff is a little complicated. this is a good dvd.

  • by Fitten

Meet all my requirments. Great!

  • by Revan

Not to bad. I meet some problems in the installation, thankgodness, All are ok after setting up.

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