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  • 7 Inch Digital touchscreen DVD Navigation player with DPIP RDS DVB-T Bluetooth for 2010-2013 Mazda 3
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7 Inch Digital touchscreen DVD Navigation player with DPIP RDS DVB-T Bluetooth for 2010-2013 Mazda 3 Reviews

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  • by Vitasoy

I have this DVD Navigation a few months ago. It is very easy to install, and the build quality is not bad.

Thanks to the CAN-BUS, you can assign some main functions to your steering wheel remote control, like Vol +/-, Mute, SRC, CH +/- etc.

It is very easy to use. I like the BT and Navigation very much. I would buy this kind of DVD Navigation again, if I change my car.

But I have also some issues too.

1. The Next/Previous-controller of the steering wheel remote control is assigned to CH+/CH-. In MP3 (USB, SD or whatever) player mode, it works great and change to the next or last file. But in the Radio mode, it WILL NOT CHANGE to presetted radio station, but SEARCH the next available radio station. If you have any solution, please tell me. Because it is kinda dangerous, if you look at the display to choose the next radio station, while you're driving.

2. I am using iGO as my navigation software. It pauses the music if the direction voice comes. The music continues after the voice, but it bothers me. I can shut down the voice, but it is a navigation, it doesn't make sense without direction voice. Is there any way to continue the music and just lower the volume.


  • Replied by Autodvdgps.com service:Dear Vitasoy, thank you for shopping on our website. We are so glad to hear that you like this item. As for your issues, we had sent an e-mail to your box. please check it. Any more question, please feel free to contact us. Best regards!

  • by Sharpper

Hey, guys! I am so happy to leave my review here. I get a good item here. It is on good work status for about half a year. No any problem so far.

  • by Gaga

Used it for about 2 month, not bad. The DVD plays without any issues. I like the Gps function so much. It takes me to everywhere that I want to. The only downside is that the screen is too sensitive, so sometimes it is not under my correct tips.

  • by shawn

well, dont you have these problem, when GPS and Audio is playing and when the Voice navigation steps in your audio gets disconnected and then resume again after the GPS ends the voice navigation

is there any way to stop the voice navigation

  • Replied by Qualir CSR:Dear shawn, thank you for purchasing in our website. As for your issue, we had sent an email to you box. Please check it. Any more question, please feel free to contact us. Best regards!

  • by Bernard

Good product. Easy to install. You could connect the cables following the guidance. I advice you order this with built-in DVBT. It will make your system perfect.

  • by Goldline


  • by Wildman

I couldn't be happier with this headunit. It does as much, but probably more the Alpine unit I have in my other car, and at nearly a third of the cost.

  • by Fordsen

PRO !!!

This dvd player is great. plays dvd + and - media. for all of you
who have your movies ripped in divx formats, you will love this player!

the unit has usb and sd card input. flash memory will hold several
hours of movies for the kids.+

it also have built-in GPS and bluetooth


  • by Rosemary

I was in the market for something to entertain my small kids on drives, particularly during our long daily commute to work (where their daycare is located). This appeared to fit the bill. Indeed it did do the job.The system was very easy to set up. So long as you aren't worried about hiding cords, it only really takes minutes to get this up and working. The system is relatively easy to operate. And UI is very friendly and can customize to your own perference. The picture and sound were adequate for our car. We never had a reliability problem so far. Perfect one!

  • by Samuel

Got this for long road trip for my wife- well worth it. Set up in just minutes and the Video and sound quality are really excellent! Share video OR music. And the built-in GPSis a huge plus. this allows kids to enjoy their ride also.

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